The Cocoon Two Idiots Guide


Welcome to cTwIG - the Cocoon Two Idiots Guide. These pages are the result of organically pulling together my experiences of installing, using and developing for Apache Cocoon 2 (C2). It is intended to provide a quick guide for other new users of C2 so that they can get up and running without needing to trouble the more experienced users out there. More than that, I want to support and repay in a practical way the spirit of the user community that indulges my sometimes very dim questions. For any further background please see the why? page

Hopefully you will note that these pages are highly dynamic in the sense that I am still learning much of the basics myself, thus new and better ways of doing the things I have done are bound to appear in addition to explanations of the new features that I make use of.

Please look around and feel free to contribute in any way you like. I am not precious about this resource - I just want to make our collective C2 lives more easy, so all comments are welcome!

One final point... All the work I am doing is on Windows 2000 boxes thus I cannot vouch for validity of my rantings on any Unix or other Windows (95, 98, NT4, ME etc) box. Hopefully this will change over time but for the time being this will have to do.

I hope these pages can be of use!

Jeremy Aston


Disclaimer type thang... I will always sincerely aim that all the information here is as accurate. If I make an errors I promise to put them right as soon as I know about them, please help by contributing if and when you see anything that is wrong or misleading. Please always check the official documentation and take that as the most accurate. Please always ensure you have backups of critical files. I cannot guarantee that none of the instructions on my pages could harm your system but all the information is there in good faith and will be changed if it is found to be wrong. Please take your share of the responsibility and act professionally and with care. Ta ever so! Jez.